Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pedestrianization Definition and Types - Variations on a Theme

by Raffy Chan

Let us begin with some pedestrianization definitions, reconciling that one "universal" meaning could be hard to come by-- particularly in the context of differing persuasion or interest. The merits of one group's definition could easily turn into a discussion with another party (which has a totally different frame of mind) when their varying definitions are placed side-by-side. Here, let us just remain open to a number of variations on a theme.
Converting a street or an area to car-free use is called pedestrianization. Alternately, it is the removal of vehicular access to a street-- for the exclusive use of pedestrians by means of local policies such as street closures or similar restrictions. Thence, a pedestrianized location has become synonymous with the absence of motorized vehicles within an area.
The matter can also be thought of in the context of a thoroughfare which is dominated by people on foot; hence, the derivative essence of-- pedestrians and the consequent pedestrianization of an area. Such meaning is always in tandem with the absence of cars or motor vehicles-- as we now reconcile with the elements of pedestrians versus vehicles-- and the dominance or absence of the other.

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