Friday, September 24, 2010

Sustainable Transport Ideas: Cycling in Amsterdam

Via Planning Pool blog

Amsterdam is one of the most frequently-cited examples of a cycle-friendly city, and I recently had the opportunity to experience it from the perspective of the cyclist, the pedestrian, the automobile passenger, and the transit user. I was not disappointed by the transport network from any perspective, and was most impressed by the infrastructure that allows cycling to be a dominant form of transport in the city. Cyclists are accommodated by a vast network of well-connected bicycle lanes, traffic-calmed streets, and plentiful bicycle parking (though still not enough).
Amsterdam’s canal streets are, for the most part, traffic calmed to allow cyclists easy passage without dedicated cycle lanes. Cycle lanes on other streets are wide enough for two bicycles side by side, but only for those who can steer – I had to improve quickly!  Major streets include a priority position for cyclists to help keep them moving safely ahead in traffic.

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