Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smart Transportation Planning in Freiburg, Germany

By: Sumit Bindra, Dave Giel, and Tommy Tran

Freiburg is located in the southwest corner of Germany. It acts as the gateway into Germany for travelers from France and Switzerland. An historical city providing a great blend of “old city” culture and place, as well as being a pioneering city in the environmentally sound style of living, the city has much to offer. Oktoberfest patrons, architecture admirers, as well as the average tourist flock to Freiburg to enjoy its culture. What may go unnoticed in the Freiburg experience is the balanced and efficient transportation network. The citizens of Freiburg do not take transportation lightly. A concerted effort has been made since the Second World War to integrate the transportation system into the culture of the city, and not allow the transportation system to dictate the growth of the culture. These citizens had a vision and take great care in continuing the success of that vision. This document will provide insight into the transportation system which has garnered respect and admiration the world over. 
The first section will talk about the five cornerstones of sustainable transportation planning in Freiburg which have contributed to the city’s success in finding a reasonable split between various forms of transportation. A description of the newly developed districts Vauban and Rieselfeld will follow, including an assessment of how these districts exemplify the vision of Freiburg. Lastly, the transportation system as it exists will be used to show the extent to which the city has succeeded in creating its vision.

Two videos about streetcars in Freiburg:

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