Monday, July 8, 2013

Sustainable Transport and Climate Change: Environmentally Experiences and lessons from community initiatives

a UNDP report

Many development sectors contribute to production of greenhouse gases that cause global warming and affect global climate. The transport sector is a particularly significant contributor to greenhouse gases while being a key stimulus to economic development. In most cases, a vibrant transport sector is associated with a thriving business or commercial sector. If transport sector policies are not harmonized with environmental strategies, they lead to local deterioration of the quality of air while contributing enormously to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The transport sector is a vital element of national and regional development, and sound transport sector policies help to limit local pollution and anthropogenic production of greenhouse gas.
This publication is a result of a review of 65 sustainable transport community projects funded by the GEF Small Grants Programme. Lessons and experiences documented in the publication demonstrate that community initiatives play an important role in testing new approaches, raising awareness of new ideas, piloting innovative strategies, and informing and stimulating policy dialogue in a cost-effective way. For instance, community initiatives with local civil society organizations in Pune, India, prompted a policy shift by the city towards supporting bus rapid transit and the development of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, the municipal government is re-allocating a portion of its transport funds towards non-motorized transport infrastructure. In other cases (e.g., Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Jordan, Egypt, and Lithuania), sustainable transport community projects have resulted in government policy shifts and stimulated commercial activities, leading to sustainable strategies for addressing local transport challenges while benefiting the global climate.

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