Friday, October 8, 2010

How many slum-dwellers live in the world?

Slums are experiencing unpleasant levels in some parts of the wold like India, south east Asia, and Africa. These informal settlements have been growing all over the twentieth century.According to UN Habitat, Most slum-dwellers of the world live in Asia. This equals 581 million people. 80 percent of these people live in east and south Asia.Just in India, 170 million people live in slums. 

The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary suggests the following definition for slum: 
A densely populated usually urban area marked by crowding, dirty run-down housing, poverty and social disorganization.
UN Habitat has defined the slum areas as the settlements that have the following the characteristics: 

• Inadequate access to safe water
• Inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure
• Poor structural quality of housing
• Overcrowding
• Insecure residential status

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