Friday, October 15, 2010

Only 1% of the safety-related construction funds is spent for bicycling and pedetrians in the U.S.

Planning bicycle-friendly environment in the United States has long way to reach the built environment and culture that some come countries like The Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany have created. This European bicycle culture is especially more visible in cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Muenster (in Germany). 
The U.S. sprawled suburbs are so vast and scattered that it is so hard to plan and build the biking routes and other cycling infrastructure. On the other hand, the safety matters have not had a good progress either. According to the book titled "Planning for cycling: principles, practice, and solutions for urban planners" written by Hugh McClintock (Page 271), bicyclist and pedestrians together shape 14% of the traffic fatalities. Also 7% of the trips and just 1% of the safety-related construction funds are related to them. 
This indicates how the governmental regulations are still automobile-oriented. The failure in producing the bicycling culture in not just because of the American urban form and another reason for it is in the laws and legislation.   

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  1. Safety is very important to all of us. Wherever we are, we must be careful by following the rules of the road and wearing protecting gear if you're biking or driving. Safety is very important in places like construction sites. Workers have fall restraint systems so they can avoid accidents.