Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Using Public Transportation in the Netherlands: Cheap and Easy Travel with the OV-Chipkaart Smart Card in Holland


The OV-chipkaart (smart card) is simplifying the use of public transportation in the Netherlands. Residents and visitors alike need only one of these transportation travel smart cards to ride on virtually all public trains, buses, trams, and metros throughout the Netherlands. Depending on the type of card, the chipkaart is loaded with the full price of the entire journey or automatically deducts the fare at the completion of a trip. Tourists will no longer need to work through complicated tariff zones to determine how many strips need to be stamped at the start of journeys.

The introduction of the OV-Chipkaart (public transportation smart card) throughout the Netherlands has made the use of trains, trams, buses, and metros easier than ever. Travelers no longer have to struggle through complicated fare zone maps to determine the number of strips that need to be stamped on transportation cards but simply wave the electronic smart card at card readers at the start and end of journeys.

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