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Architecture: Domes Throughout History- Domes of the Past, Present and Future

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Throughout history, domes have been used in architecture throughout the entire world. There is evidence of domes used in architecture dating back to c.1250 BC and earlier. Domes are continuing to be used as elements in architecture and are being constructed to this date. Throughout the past and present domes have been used for everything ranging from tombs to cathedrals. However there is one recurring theme in past dome structures, most of the past dome structures have been constructed for a religious purpose, whether it be burial or worship.
Millennium Dome
The people of ancient times never had the types of technology that we have now, in the modern world, nonetheless the ancient people were able to construct their own dome structures. One of the most famous ancient dome structures is the Treasury of Atreus, which was constructed in c.1250 BC. The Treasury of Atreus was constructed as a tomb for Agamemnon. Although this tomb was a dome, and nowadays we commonly think of structures above ground, the main cavity of the Treasury of Atreus was constructed underground. The Treasury of Atreus is different from the domes we commonly think of nowadays, not only because of the fact that the building was underground but also because of the fact that the general shape of the Treasury of Atreus has more of a pyramid-like essence to it. Taking a bit of a fast forward in time, one of the next famous domes constructed, the Pantheon is currently the oldest standing dome structure in Rome. The Pantheon, constructed in 125 AD, was constructed as a place for the worship of roman gods, which is another example of dome buildings being constructed for religious reasons.
The Millennium Dome (2491)
The Middle Ages were a time of little or no learning or growth, however architecture still survived. During this period the Romanesque and Gothic styles of architecture were the two most prevalent. Romanesque architecture commonly used barrel vaults, small windows very high up, and was mainly designed for strength and protection. Although Romanesque buildings were designed for strength and protection, the dome shape was still a common occurrence, however not as common as domes used in the Gothic style of architecture.

Millennium Dome Millennium Dome London Millennium Dome 2006-01-28 - United Kingdom - England - London - Millennium Dome 2006-01-28 - United Kingdom - England - London - Millennium Dome Millennium Dome
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