Monday, June 18, 2012

Master's programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design in KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Programme outline

The programme covers 2 years of full-time studies and consists of three terms of coursework and one term for the degree project. The coursework encompasses a substantial share of studios and projects that aim to train students' practical skills and to gain a better understanding of planning practice. To support the professional training and to strengthen analytical skills, the curriculum also contains a number of theoretical and methodological courses that provide a contextual and conceptual framework. The programme offers three tracks:

The three tracks represent different professional competences that are involved in urban planning and design. However, during the programme students from different tracks will interact in courses and projects to foster a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Degree project

The degree project comprises 30 ECTS and provides students with the opportunity to investigate a problem in depth under the supervision of experienced practitioners and researchers. The topic for the degree project should be within the scope of the programme and relate to knowledge acquired during the coursework. The degree project is carried out in Sweden or abroad, and can be oriented towards research (f.e. literature study, field study), towards practice (at a company or organisation) or a combination of both.

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