Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Correlating street centrality with commerce and service location in cities

by S. Porta and V. Latora

In this paper we are presenting a discussion of centrality in cities and a model, named Multiple Centrality Assessment (MCA) which helps in managing centrality for urban planning and design purposes. In so doing, we summarize a research that we have been undertaking for the last couple of years. In addition, we are hereby offering the results of a new line of research aimed at understanding the level of correlation between the centrality of streets and several other urban dynamics like the location of shops and services as well as that of workplaces. The whole research is worked out in a GIS (Geographic Information System) environment: the correlation analysis is addressed both directly (comparing centrality and dynamics on every arc of the street graph) and through a GWR (Geographic Weighted Regression) approach. Data are taken form real cities like Rome (IT), Barcelona (ES) and Bologna (IT).

more about Space Syntax and centrality:

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