Wednesday, November 3, 2010

500 Kilometers of Bicycle Routes in Cicycling Capital of Germany

Münster (which is written Muenster too for non-German speakers) is an interesting city in the province of Nord Rhein-Wesfalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen) in north west of Germany. the city has had a look to sustainable development after the World War II. So it has some nicknames like the bicycling capital of Germany or Germany's most child friendly city.
The bicycle facilities of Muenster are fantastic. There are enough bicycle lockers in the city. you can use bicycle in this city as the main commuting and daily transportation mode in Muenster. There are about 500 kilometers of bicycle routes in and around the city. That looks excellent for a city with a population of about 275000 people and an area of 303000 square kilometers.
As seen in the following video, the city has history in the previous centuries, but was destroyed during the war. there are three green belts around the city. These green belts separate the central city from the suburbs. Also some green corridors connect the suburbs to the central city.
The video also has information about the rebuilding the city after the war and the overall culture and identity of the city.

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