Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Developments in Space Syntax Software

Edited by Alasdair Turner

The Spatial Positioning tool (SPOT) is an isovist-based spatial analysis software, and is written in Java working as a stand-alone program. SPOT di®ers from regular Space syntax software as it can produce integration graphs and intervisibility graphs from a selection of positions. The concept of the software originates from a series of ¯eld studies on building interiors highly in°uenced by organizations and social groups. We have developed SPOT as a prototype. Basic SPOT operations use selections of positions and creations of isovist sets. The sets are color-coded and layered; the layers can be activated and visible by being turned on or o®. At this point, there are two graphs produced in SPOT, the isovist overlap graph that shows intervisibility between overlapping isovist ¯elds and the network integration analysis built on visibility relations. The program aims to be used as a fast and interactive sketch tool as well as a precise analysis tool. Data, images, and diagrams can be exported for use in conjunction with other CAD or illustration programs. The ¯rst stage of development is to have a functioning prototype with the implementation of all the basic algorithms and a minimal basic functionality in respect to user interaction.

Space Syntax Software, photo by raymond crowley

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