Friday, February 11, 2011

A Very San Franciscan Transit Center

While we wait for the completion of the 1.3 million square foot Transbay Transit Center, in 2017, we have time to think about what this collaboration between Atelier Ten, Pelli Clark Pelli Architects, and Adamson Associates will bring to San Francisco.
To reach the goal of a LEED Gold ranking, Atelier Ten, a consultancy known for engineering sustainable solutions for very high performance buildings, focused on ways to cut energy use and carbon emissions, create a comprehensive waste management system, and incorporate sustainable materials. Their emphasis for this project, however, was water conservation. Greywater and stormwater will be reused, and vegetation will be used to filter the water on-site. These moves, the architects estimate, will reduce mechanical and irrigation water consumption by 54%. The “on-site vegetation” will mainly consist of a 6 acre roof park, giving this generally plant-less downtown location  a green building in more ways than one.

Transbay Proposal SOM, by brunoboris
Transbay Proposal Pelli, by brunoboris
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