Sunday, February 20, 2011

Urbanization, Urban India and Metropolitan Cities in India

The present book is an attempt to study the process of urban growth, urban development constraints, urban policies and strategies to produce an integrated rural-urban model of urban development in India. It is a collection of essays by the author, Dr. V. Nath, a geographer by training, a practicising development economist, policy maker and analyst, who had written these essays over a period of about 45 years during his diverse job and life experiences in India and abroad. The essays provide the reader a comprehensive understanding of the urban development trends, processes, problems, scenarios and strategies for a balanced rural-urban growth. Since these essays are written by an expert, they provide an added value of giving an incisive and critical account of 50 years of urban development and metropolitan planning in India.
The book is divided into two sections. The first section deals with urban development and urban process in India. It contains 7 chapters (chapters 1-7). In this section the author has discussed the principle processes of urban development, looked into newer concepts of urban growth and suggested new approaches like an integrated growth concept of rural and urban areas with corridor development approach and integrated urban fringe development to achieve a balanced state of urban development in Indian cities. 

Paharganj, Delhi, India, photo by Molesworth II

Mumbai, India, photo by Par Fifty

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