Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ph.D. program in Land-Use Planning, Management, and Design (LPMD), Texas Tech University

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Land-Use Planning, Management, and Design (LPMD) focuses on various aspects of land and land use. It aims to train students to be leaders in their community and their organizations with enhanced understanding of multidisciplinary endeavors, improved communication skills between compartmentalized systems of knowledge and the ability of bringing knowledge from one discipline to focus on problems and ongoing projects in another. LPMD training prepares students to be leaders in administrative, legislative, research or design organizations that deal with land use.
This program is administered by the College of Architecture with an interdisciplinary steering committee. Faculty and courses drawn from units across the university. Academic It is designed to provide education in several facets of physical design, with special emphasis on non-urban lands and those in arid and semi-arid environments. Included in the program are studies of the complex factors influencing human use of resources, training in the research and evaluative methods that can be applied to interdisciplinary studies, and education in the institutional structures that shape policy and action.
There are four tracks in this program:
  1. Environmental/natural resource management and planning
  2. Community planning and design
  3. Public policy administration, and
  4. Historic preservation. 
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