Saturday, March 19, 2011

PhD in Planning, University of Toronto

The Planning PhD program is a four-year program that can be completed on a full-time basis by a student who has a Master's degree in Planning or in a discipline appropriate to the intended field of study. (See also the current School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Calendar.) The primary objective of the PhD in Planning is to prepare students for academic careers in teaching and research. Some may also pursue an advanced planning career in the public, non-profit or public sector, given the rising demand for people with a PhD credential outside of academia.
The PhD program in Planning has 3 fields of specialization:
  • City-regions in global context: economic development and social planning
  • Environment and sustainability planning
  • Urban development, design and the built environment
Our program is designed to provide students with a broad and critical knowledge of planning history, theory and practice, as well as rigorous training in research. These objectives are achieved through a combination of advanced seminars and workshops, a comprehensive exam and a doctoral dissertation. As part of their training, students also receive teaching assistantships and may be offered research assistantships, as these become available.

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University of Toronto, by bensonkua
U of T, by The West End

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