Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Urban Planning and Real Estate Development

Urban Planning and Real Estate Development

The twin processes of planning and property development are inextricably linked – it’s not possible to carry out a development strategy without an understanding of the planning process, and equally planners need to know how real estate developers do their job. This third edition of Urban Planning and Real Estate Development  guides students through the procedural and practical aspects of developing land from the point of view of both planner and developer. The planning system is explained, from the increasing emphasis on spatial planning at a regional level down to the detailed perspective of the development control process and the specialist requirements of historic buildings and conservation areas. At the same time the authors explain the entire development process from inception through appraisal, valuation and financing to completion and disposal. In recent years both planning and real estate development have had to become increasingly aware of their legal and moral obligations. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility and their impact on the planning and development processes are covered in detail. Written by a team of authors with many years of academic, professional and research experience, and illustrated throughout with practical case studies, Urban Planning and Real Estate Development is an invaluable textbook for real estate and planning students, and helps to meet the requirements of the RICS and RTPI Assessment of Professional Competence.

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