Monday, March 21, 2011

Copenhagen planning super highways... but for bicycles

Copenhagen, one of the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities, has begun turning its extensive network of cycle paths into bike highways in an effort to push more commuters to leave their cars at home.
Considered one of Europe’s two “bicycle capitals” along with Amsterdam, Copenhagen counts more bicycles than people and cycling is so popular that its numerous bike paths can become congested.
Two-wheeler traffic jams are especially regular on the main Noerrebrogade thoroughfare used by around 36,000 cyclists a day.
“You have to elbow your way in to go forward and some cyclists aren’t always thoughtful,” complains 22-year-old university student Lea Bresell.
The creation of bike highways “comes right on time”, says Danish Cyclist Federation spokesman Frits Bredal.
“Copenhagen’s roads are overloaded with people who want to ride their bicycles in all kinds of weather,” he says.
If in the 1960s Danes viewed the car as the symbol of freedom, the bicycle has assumed that role today, Bredal says.
“It’s a mode of transportation used by all social classes, even politicians ride bikes,” he says.

Biking in Copenhagen, photo by Mikael Colville-Andersen
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  1. Why not, bicycles will be good for the health and for the environment. We already have an issue with the climate because of climate change, why not do something to help, such as this.