Friday, March 18, 2011

PhD in urban planning in UCLA, School of Public Affairs

The Department of Urban Planning at UCLA is famous for producing outstanding planning scholars and teachers through its distinct mix of three program elements: top faculty in critical fields, a flexible curriculum, and superb opportunities for important and progressive research. Applicants to the Ph.D. program must have a Master's degree in planning or a closely related field.

Our faculty is composed of nationally and internationally well-known scholars and teachers. Their expertise spans community development, critical studies, gender studies, labor studies, economic development, housing, international planning, transportation planning, political economy, the natural environment, culture and ethnicity, and urban design. (See "research areas" section).
UCLA is one of the leading research institutions in the world. The size and quality of the university's research network is exceptionally strong and offers considerable additional faculty resources to our graduate student body. The Department's resources go well beyond its faculty to include many other units on campus. Members of the faculty share appointments with the College of Letters and Science, the Institute of the Environment, the School of Public Health, the School of Arts and Architecture, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Center for Asian American Studies, the Center for Urban Poverty, and the Institute of Labor Relations, as well as -- within the School of Public Policy & Social Research -- the Policy Studies and Social Welfare Departments, the Institute for Transportation Studies, the Institute of Labor and Employment, and the Lewis Center for Regional Studies.

Our doctoral program is distinctively intimate and flexible. The course and research requirements build skills and provide research experience through close faculty-student interaction. Each entering Ph.D. class is small, and each student is sponsored and supervised by two faculty members. Flexibility is the cornerstone. While faculty contact and advising is important, we also believe that strong students benefit from designing the research path that best suits their interests. 

UCLA campus, photo by ATIS547
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