Monday, January 31, 2011

Urban and Regional Planning Programs, Courses, Schools and Degrees in Ontario Universities

There are several types of urban studies degree. The interdisciplinary degree gives students an overall education in civil planning and policy making through studies in disciplines including economics, geography, political science, sociology, planning and anthropology. Another form of specialization usually involves the planning and architecture department of a university, and is geared more toward training specifically in community planning (for more information on planning, visit the University of Waterloo’s site: In all programs, there is usually a component of professional, hands-on experience in the community to the degree; furthermore, all students in urban studies programs learn to develop their own informed critiques of current public policy and to create improvements of that policy that are sensitive to the needs of their communities.

Universities with Urban and Regional Planning Programs in Ontario

  • Urban Studies
    | Undergraduate Degree | York University |

  • Diploma in Financial Planning
    | Certificate Degree | Wilfrid Laurier University |

  • School of Planning
    | Undergraduate Degree | University of Waterloo |

  • ...
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    University of Toronto, by The West End
    University of Toronto, by The West End

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