Saturday, January 15, 2011

Climate, Energy and Urbanization A Guide on Strategies, Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Development in the Desert

Phonenix and the surrounding metropolitan area, referred to as the Valley of the Sun, is at a nexus in its development. The past half century brought unprecedented growth, vitality and economic opportunities to the region. As we move forward, we are faced with new challenges. The price of energy continues to increase and supplies of water, construction materials and other resources show more and more signs of vulnerability. The decisions we make today in the way we plan, design and operate our cities will determine the quality of life for its citizens for generations to come. To make this change in planning our cities a reality, one needs to be knowledgeable about the leading issues and what options there are for development projects. Climate, Energy and Urbanization aims to highlight the most critical issues and provide the necessary tools for implementing change in urbanizing areas of the Southwest that face similar development issues. The Guide begins by providing a core understanding of urban environmental problems, and introducing key terms and statistical context that set the stage for understanding the need for the strategies and design concepts introduced in later chapters. Specifically written for a broad audience, Climate, Energy and Urbanization finds a balance between being a general overview for the informed citizen, and being detailed enough to be useful for engineers and architects. Climate, Energy and Urbanization is organized into four clearly defined chapters, each with their own specific purpose in the Guide.

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