Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Be Able to Ride Your Bike Safely


The wheels are turning here in Dunwoody about sustainability, and I’ll tell you where I’m seeing it the most. Not in a big push for home or community gardening or pesticide-free lawns, although interest is rising. Not in a sea of residential eco-renovations or an enthusiastic embrace of recycling, although there certainly do appear to be more blue boxes out there. Not in noticeable support of No Idling efforts. Not in rain barrels or certified backyard wildlife habitats or an explosion of pedestrian traffic or MARTA use.

I’m seeing it (and I’m guessing you are, too) on the roads, or should I say, on the sides of the roads. On bikes. In lycra. Our city is apparently home to an ever-growing group of enthusiastic, informed and connected adult cyclists. As a result of my work in sustainability (and the fact that I ride that paint-splattered, pannier-equipped bike of mine), I keep crossing paths with the Bike People. In fact, two passionate cyclists (Paul Lowry and Mitch Garber) are on the Sustainability citizen advisory commission and are fonts of knowledge about cycling issues and opportunities in Dunwoody and beyond.

Last night, I had the opportunity to interview Wallace McRoy, president of the Southern Bicycle League (and a Dunwoody resident). Retired from BellSouth, Wallace is tough to catch because he in out there on that bike for hours every single day. But it was dark. It was late. He was home.

The Southern Bicycle League is a riding club that consists of about 1,000 members. Other groups include the Dunwoody Cycling Club, which has a Yahoo group consisting of about 300 members. Many cyclists who prefer trail riding are part of the Southern Off-Road Biking Association (SORBA).

photo by Julien Hery
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