Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Copenhagen – city of cyclists!

Søren Pind

1.13 million kilometers are cycled every day Both bicycle and motor traffic are on the rise since the last Bicycle Account 2002. We have taken a census of cyclists and motorists at many points in the city. On the basis of these figures we have calculated the number of kilometers cycled and driven by car. Over the past 10 years the number of kilometers cycled has increased by twice as much as the number of kilometers driven. Every day 1.13 million kilometers are cycled in Copenhagen. More and more people cycle to workplaces in Copenhagen. 36% cycled to work in 2003 compared to 32% in 2001. This means we are well on our way towards achieving our objective, which is that 40% will be cycling to work by 2012. In 2003 27% drove to work, 33% used public transport and 5% walked.

Higher cyclist ratings

Since we initiated the Bicycle Account in 1995, cyclist ratings of Copenhagen as a city for cyclists have become increasingly favourable. Fully 83% now feel that Copenhagen is great for cycling – in 1995 the figure was 66%. In particular, cyclists have become more satisfied with the amount of cycle tracks and their maintenance. A great deal has been done over the past 10 years to improve facilities for cyclists in the City of Copenhagen and this has not passed unnoticed.
Fewer serious accidents involving cyclists 

The number of serious cyclist casualties has dropped by 18% since 2002. Around 2/3 of the cyclists who were seriously injured were injured at intersections – most of them at signalized junctions. The greatest drop in cyclist casualties has in fact taken place at signalized junctions, a resounding 28%. The city’s systematic efforts to improve cyclist safety at junctions certainly seem to be having an impact.

cycling in Copenhagen, image by Mikael Colville-Andersen

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