Thursday, March 31, 2011

Asian Art Encyclopedia: History, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Calligraphy And More (Mobi History)

Asian Art Encyclopedia: History, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Calligraphy And More (Mobi History)The illustrated book gives historical and cultural background of Asian Art. It introduces the reader to Asian Art major styles, media, statues, buildings and artists.FEATURES:- Fully illustrated- Difficult concepts are explained in simple terms. - Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases- Add Bookmarks - Designed for optimal navigation on electronic devices with a small screen - Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. - Use your down time to prepare for an exam. - Always have the guide available for a quick reference. TABLE OF CONTENTS:Chapters A-Z IndexChapters: 1. Introduction 2. Buddhist Art 3. Chinese Art 4. Japanese Art 5. Indian Art 6. Korean Art 7. Laotian art 8. Thai Art 9. Tibetan Art 10. Vietnamese Art 11. About and Navigation1. Introduction: Asian Art Eastern Art History Silk Road East Asian Calligraphy Asian Art Museums in the United States Buddhism Bodhisattva Buddhist Symbolism Guan Yin2. Buddhist Art: Overview Ashtamangala Buddharupa Physical characteristics of the Buddha Buddha Statues Architecture Music Sand Mandala Temples: List Temples Pagodas Stupas Wats3. Chinese Art: Overview Timeline History Ming Dynasty Song Dynasty Tang Dynasty Painting Literati Painting Ink and Wash Painting Shan Shui Painters Architecture Folk Art Comics Ceramics Literature Poetry Music Cinema Animation Jade Oracle bone script Variety Art Gardening4. Japanese Art: Overview Timeline History Painting Painting Schools Ukiyo-e Painters Pottery Woodblock Printing Architecture Calligraphy Sculpture Theatre Cinema Fashion Japanese Garden Ikebana Origami Anime5. Indian Art: Overview Painting Sculpture Pottery Architecture Literature Poetry Theatre Music Cinema Bollywood Dance Hinduism6. Korean Art: Overview History Painting Sculpture Pottery & Porcelain Buddhist Sculpture Architecture Stone Art Literature Theatre Cinema Dance Fan Dance Garden Bangasayusang Flower Arrangement7. Laotian art: Buddhist Sculpture Ceramics Dance & Theatre8. Thai Art: Overview Architecture Dance9. Tibetan Art: Overview Dzong Architecture Music Thangka Sand Mandala Rug10. Vietnamese Art: Overview History Dong Ho Painting Music Cinema Theatre Dance Literature

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