Sunday, March 13, 2011

Waterwalk Sustainable Urban Regeneration Project for Green Brussels Capital

Today almost capital city of the world wellknown for a large pollution because its large population and traffic affected by its acitvity. Brussels have plan to change its environment with Waterwalk Sustainable Urban Regeneration Project

Below is excerpts :

Waterwalk is 30ha project integrated sustainable urban regeneration in the wider strategy of some major components of Brussels reorganization. The goal is the city where recomposing cloth move out of major cities will leave the logistics center of Brownfield sites available in urban areas where social life can be developed, the transportation of CO2 and reduce traffic disruption.
Regeneration will result in the facility in order to revitalize the historic area dedicated to the industry in the two rivers ‘Senne’ and the canal. Urban continuity with the surrounding districts improved through the canal bank walk and the new bridge link across the railway line which isolates the island site.

Brussels, photo by DamienHR
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