Monday, March 5, 2012

Call for papers: Urban Research & Practice (Journal)

Urban Research & Practice, Call for Papers 

Urban Research & Practice has now successfully completed its third year of publication (see, for a full list of contents) and the Editors of the journal wish to invite submissions from people working in the field of urban studies and associated disciplines and practice. Whilst the journal has a focus on urban policies the Editorial Board has adopted a wide definition of this term and we seek to address the following areas: i. A focus on `urban’ issues (e.g. race/ethnicity, immigration, employment/unemployment, poverty/social exclusion, quality of life; segregation and social polarisation, urban democracy and community involvement, spatial planning, the urban environment, uneven economic development at all levels from the Global to the local that impacts on urban areas); ii. Studies of the inter-dynamics between cities and their surroundings; the growth of metropolitan regions and their impacts in a wider political and economic context iii. Urban policy developments at European national, regional and local levels as well as outside Europe iv. Comparative studies of urban issues and urban policy in European countries (either across or within countries) and elsewhere. v. Analyses of urban governance and urban policy-making at Global, European, national, regional and local levels (to include issues of multilevel governance, multi-actor governance, networks of multiple local actors and different forms of urban and metropolitan governance).

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