Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review of existing land/use transport models


This report presents a review of existing land-use and transport models, i .e. which can be purchased on the market, in a software package's form, and could be applied to any appropriate city. It considers also, the models that consultants or academic people can applied to a city and put at the disposal of the customers, and the model developed for a particular city but which will be used to test policy for client or to do researches. After a distinction between important terms, we precise the position of the land-use and transport model through the different kinds of existing models . In a third part we present an history of the land-use and transport modelling approach which conducts to a review of the land-use and transport models (LUTM) . Afterwards, we give others information about LUTM, and discuss about their limits.

land use/transport model, Mackett (R.L.), A model-based analysis of transport and land-use policies for Tokyo, Transport Reviews, 1991, Vol . 11 ., n°1, pp . 1-18.

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