Monday, April 4, 2011

GIS present situation in Japan

by Mamoru KOARAI

History of GIS in Japan
In Japan, maintenance of digital maps started in 1974, but systematic maintenance of digital maps started in 1995. Based on the lessons from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of January 1995, GIS Association proposed the government to establish NSDI. Therefore, the national government established the GIS Liaison
Committee of Ministries and Agencies in September 1995, and the strong activities for GIS development started systematically in Japan. Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) is the secretariat of the Liaison Committee with the National and Regional Planning Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT). At first, "the Long-term Plan for Building a National Geospatial Data Framework and Promoting the Use of GIS" was formulated by the GIS Liaison Committee. This Long-term plan has 2 phases, such as Infrastructure formation period and Spread period. After that, "the e-Japan Priority Policy Program" was formulated by the IT Strategy Headquarter in March 2001, and "GIS Action Program 2002-2005 (GIS-AP)" was developed by the GIS Liaison Committee in February 2002, to harmonize "the e-Japan Priority Policy Program."
In GIS-AP, big pillars of aim are these 3 fields.

(1) Increasing the efficiency, speed and quality of administrative services.
(2) Creating new business models and new jobs in private sectors.
(3) Provide low-cost, high-quality services for residents

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