Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Urbanism and the rebuilding of Mississippi

via The Oil Drum

The article touches on a number of issues demonstrating why the ideal (at least, the New Urbanists' ideal) is hard to achieve. As many of you know, the idea behind New Urbanism is that many amenities, such as the post office, shops, food, and the town center, should all be within walking distance of people's residences. So the first issue this raises, of course, has to do with poverty. Part of the plan involves building new houses, and in fact, the issue of affordability was addressed, but the question of "affordable to whom" still remained. Andres Duany, one of the main architects of New Urbanism and the man contacted for the Mississippi job, projected that "affordable" houses could be built for $145,000. The problem was that the lower working class is only able to afford houses between $65,000-$95,000. Said one person from the poor, black community—which was not consulted about the plans— 

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