Sunday, April 3, 2011

PhD in City & Regional Planning in Georgia Tech

Doctoral studies in city and regional planning offers the rewards of conducting research and building theory in an applied professional field. By linking theory to practice, students and faculty explore the most important issues facing cities and regions today. Our focus is on building sustainable and vibrant urban environments and communities through interdisciplinary study and research. Our doctoral students have consistently graduated to top-flight academic and other professional careers. We welcome your interest and inquiries.
The doctoral program has three main components: the coursework, which includes  the program core, a major field and a minor field; the comprehensive exams; and the dissertation.  The program of study requires a minimum of two years of residency (no fewer than four semesters enrolled for at least six (6) credit hours each excluding summer) devoted to coursework and other preparation for advancement to candidacy. A successful student will demonstrate mastery in these areas and thus be prepared to pursue upper-level careers in government, business, research, and academia. Full details can be found in the PhD Program Handbook.
Each PhD student is admitted to a major area of study. Any change to the major requires review and approval by the PhD faculty.
Requirements for the major are met by satisfactory performance (B or better letter grade) in courses composing not fewer than 15 credit hours. The student’s Advisory Committee may require other courses within the College or other units within the University System of Georgia consistent with the student’s expressed interest in her selected field of concentration. The courses are expected to provide a full grounding and preparation in both the substance of the field of study and appropriate methods of inquiry and analysis.
Examples of majors pursued by doctoral students in the School of City and Regional Planning include:
  • Urban environmental planning
  • Urban transportation planning
  • Regional development planning

Georgia Tech campus, by killmylandlord
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