Monday, April 4, 2011

Hazard Mapping and Vulnerability Assessment

by Toshiaki Udono and Awadh Kishor Sah

A disaster occurs at the point of contact between social activities and a natural phenomenon of unusual scale.
Natural disasters occurring in larger scale may have a serious impact on society and the economy, resulting in a significant national loss.
Disaster prevention should be one of the most important policies of the Government of a country. "One who can rule rivers can rule a country, too" - An old theme of statesmanship.
Although, difficult to avoid natural phenomena such as rain and volcanoes, it is essential to understand their behavior and how we can live with them by reducing their impacts and to strengthen our ability to deal with their effects. Thus, we need to take measures for disaster prevention.
In short, disaster prevention is necessary to protect human lives, properties and social infrastructure against disaster phenomena.

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