Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Amsterdam, bikes and the Copenhagen Wheel thingy

User Experience Intensive (UXI) is happily underway in Amsterdam! Day 1 (Design Strategy) kicked off on Monday with Henning, and today the Design Research session is going strong with Paula. Andrew and I are in the wings, prepping for Day 3 (Information Architecture) and Day 4 (Interaction Design.) Last night was the official opening party for the Adaptive Path Amsterdam studio , and the room was buzzing with UX folks from across Europe.
I landed in Amsterdam yesterday and had a chance to walk around the city and drink in the canals, leany/tilty buidings and preparations for Queens Day. But what I noticed most on my walkabout is “Holy crap there are a lot of bikes in this town!
Bikes filling the narrow streets…people dinging bells so they don’t wham into you…bikes locked to railings, racks, fences, each other…bikes loaded with families, babies, toddlers, deliveries, couples, old folks, young folk…bikes, bikes, bikes. With so many bikes zipping about, the UX in me wondered “Could we somehow capture the mobile sensing potential of bikes?”

Cycling in a cold Copenhagen morning, photo by Mikael Colville-Andersen
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