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PhD in urban and regional planning, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Over fifty five students have received Ph.D.'s from the department with about fifteen students currently enrolled in the program.Generally students spend two years of full-time course work before being advanced to candidacy, and an additional two to three years in preparation and defense of a dissertation. The University's requirements for the Ph.D. which govern departmental policy are detailed in the Graduate School Bulletin, Social Sciences and Humanities. A summary of the department's requirements are outlined below; details are available in the Department's "Ph.D. Program Policies and Procedures."

Requirements for Admission

As the Ph.D. is an advanced degree, applicants are expected to already have a Master's degree in planning or a related field. And because planning is a practice-oriented field, applicants are also expected to have completed at least one year of full-time experience as a professional planner.
However, the Ph.D. program is flexible and is intended to appeal to individuals from diverse academic backgrounds. Therefore, it is possible to be admitted without having met the practice requirement. This deficiency may be made up once a student is in the program.
To be admitted a student must be sponsored by a regular member of the URPL faculty. Before final admissions decisions are made, student files are circulated among the faculty. Only when a faculty member agrees to sponsor an admissible candidate is a final admission decision made. The sponsor is the student's academic advisor, and it is expected that the sponsor will become the chairperson of the student's Ph.D. Committee.

Fall Semester Admission Deadlines

Applicants who wish to be included in the University’s fellowship competition must have their completed application to the Department by November 1. The application deadline for all applicants, including those who wish to be considered for an Advanced Opportunity Fellowship (AOF), is February 1. Late applicants will be reviewed on a space available basis.  Applicants who meet the February 1st deadline will be notified no later than March 15. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus, by Wisconsin Historical Images

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  1. PhD in urban and regional planning ...sounds nice it boosts the infrastructure.
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