Friday, December 30, 2011

Ph.D. Program in Urban Studies and Public Affairs, Cleveland State University

Program Mission and Purpose
The Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Public Affairs program seeks to graduate scholars who are prepared to research, teach, and practice reflectively in positions related to urban studies and public affairs, in universities and public policy organizations. It aims for graduates to have a strong theoretical and methodological foundation within the field, together with the in-depth knowledge required to be able to recognize, identify and articulate the frontiers of scholarship within a specialization field. Successful completion of the degree means that the faculty has determined that you are able to construct, execute, and present scholastically sound, independent research of either a theoretical or applied nature that expands the frontiers of knowledge.
Many students in the program are returning to academia after significant experience in the workplace; many continue to work while pursuing their degree. Over half of our student body attends on a part-time basis. Nevertheless, the program places heavy emphasis upon continuing contributions by every student to the intellectual life of the program, the college, and the university. This includes participation in research projects, attendance at seminars, conferences, and workshops, and publication of ongoing research.
The program places a heavy emphasis upon theory, research methods and literature, effective professional communications to both expert and lay audiences, and an interdisciplinary approach that accounts for all of the significant dimensions of the issues and problems in the field of urban studies and public affairs. The student’s understanding is informed by political theory and philosophy, economics, statistical and mathematical model building, research methods, concentration in an important substantive domain of public concern, as well as real-world knowledge of specific circumstances, cases, and issues. The areas of specialization in the doctoral program include public administration, economic development, housing and neighborhood development, and environmental policy and administration.

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Cleveland State University, by syl13mec

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