Friday, February 24, 2012

Call for Papers: Journal of Urbanism; International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability

Example Topics of Interest to the Journal:
• The relative impact of design on environmental perception, social justice, affordability, the real estate market, transportation, the environment and urban livability
• Policies designed to promote urbanism: assessments of outcome
• Models and outcomes for public participation methods
• Market performance of mixed-use projects
• Transportation effects of new urbanism
• Affordable housing, new urbanism and smart growth
• The measurement of urban form and pattern
• Studies of living preferences
• Effects of walkable communities on children and the elderly
• Crime and new urbanism
• Post-occupancy evaluation of new urbanist projects
• Environmental performance of low vs. high density development
• The rural-urban transect in theory and practice
• Social capital and the built environment
• The role of historical preservation in the urban sustainability movement
• Theories of urban architecture and urbanism
• Urban Morphology

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