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The World's 7 Most Bike-friendly Cities

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Bike capital of the world; 40% of Amsterdam’s traffic is by bicycle and the 750.000 residents own an estimated 600.000 bicycles. Bikes are by far the most popular means of transport, partly due to that fact that it’s almost impossible to drive a car around the narrow streets with canals, and due to the high price of parking – if you are lucky enough to find a spot to park.
Just about everybody cycles in Amsterdam – and it’s not unusual to see mothers, 2 kids and shopping all on the same bike. With its extensive network of routes dedicated to cyclists, plenty of places to park (Amsterdam is building a 10.000-bike parking garage at the main train station) and its bike culture, Amsterdam is a great place to cycle.
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With a vibrant bike culture, I'm not sure that many Copenhagerners agree that Amsterdam is the world's bike capital. Approximately a third of Copenhagen’s resident’s cycle to work daily – including myself. With an extensive network of dedicated paths, separated from the main road – including traffic lights specifically for cyclists – cycling is a quick and practical way to get around.
The local council is planning to on doubling its spending on cycling infrastructure during the next couple of years, and already parts of town are car-free and taking a bike for free on the subway system enables you to cycle further afield.
To encourage tourists to enjoy Copenhagen by bike, the city provides more than 2000 public bicycles, which can be found throughout the downtown area. Simply deposit 20 dkr to unlock your bike from one of the 100 cycle racks and enjoy your trip. Your money is refunded, when you return the bike to one of the racks.

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