Monday, November 14, 2011

Innovative Urban Transport Concepts Moving from Theory to Practice

The continuous increase of traffi c constitutes a major challenge to the viability of our cities. New strategies are needed to make urban transport more accessible, more effi cient and more sustainable. NICHES+ is an EU funded project which studies and promotes the uptake of the most promising innovative concepts, in order to transfer them from their current “niche” position to a mainstream urban transport application.
This brochure – which is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Polish – aims to introduce local authorities and urban transport professionals to twelve innovative concepts in four thematic areas, which are summarised in the table below. Each concept is illustrated with good practice examples, key benefi ts, decision criteria for implementation, and useful references.
In order to demonstrate how these innovative concepts can be successfully integrated into urban transport policies, NICHES+ closely cooperated with seven local and regional authorities: Artois- Gohelle (France), Burgos (Spain), Cork (Ireland), Daventry (United Kingdom), Trondheim (Norway), Skopje (Macedonia) and Worcestershire (United Kingdom). With the support of European transport innovation experts, each of these “Champion Cities” has developed an implementation scenario to prepare for the local introduction of selected innovative transport measures.
For more information on the NICHES+ innovative transport concepts and how they can be implemented in your city, we invite you to visit the project website at, where you can also consult the outcomes of the previous NICHES project, which examined and promoted another 12 innovative concepts in the fi eld of seamless mobility services, city logistics, non-polluting and energy effi cient vehicles, and transport demand strategies.

Tram in Trondheim, Norway, photo by KOKONIS

Tram in Trondheim, Norway, photo by KOKONIS
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