Monday, November 14, 2011

Toll Roads for Wisconsin!

via Urban Milwaukee

Traditionally, in Wisconsin toll roads are opposed by the right, because freeways are free, from the left because tolls are an attack on the middle class, and often by new urbanists, because freeways promote sprawl.  This urbanist feels it is time for us to stop referring to our Interstates as “freeways” as they have never been, and never will be free, and begin collecting tolls on them.  Now the new funds shouldn’t be used to build bigger and bigger roads, but to allow for users of the Interstate system to pay more of the direct and indirect costs associated with highways.  It is often claimed that the Interstates are 100% paid for by user fees and that these fees cover all of the costs, but this isn’t true.  In 2007, Subsidyscope estimated that only 51% of the funds set aside for highway construction and maintenance came from user fees.

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