Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The International Doctorate Programme European Urban Studies (IPP-EU), Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany

Through the Department of Architecture and its Institute for European Urban Studies (IfEU), the Bauhaus-University Weimar has developed into an important institution for interdisciplinary urban research. Countless projects, international conferences, and scholarship by professors at the Institute deal with topics that are tested against such current models as the "European city," "compact city," "social city," "net city," or "Zwischenstadt". In this way, the important questions about public space in cities, the relationship between city and country, public involvement in urban planning, the multi-functionality of the downtown area, and the social integration of the various groups of people living in cities, as well as many others, are raised and viewed in a new light. Established in 2002, the International PhD Programme builds upon the institute's strong academic achievements and offers graduate students the chance to pursue their own interests in research within this interdisciplinary and international structure.

IPP network
The IPP for European Urban Studies is counted among the nationwide network of International PhD Programmes, which, within the framework of the programme "Doctorates at Universities in Germany (PHD)", are endorsed by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It is the only IPP in Germany that is dedicated to urban research. Through the PHD programme, the DAAD and DFG support implementing recommendations for reforming PhD programmes as the third cycle in the Bologna Process. The resources from these institutions serve to promote structured PhD programmes, which are being set up where research centers of scientific excellency already exist. For the IPP network see: www.daad.de/ipp

Bauhaus University, Weimar, photo by leeloosu

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