Friday, November 4, 2011

Short Skirts on Bicycles Celebration in New York City

via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

It all started with a simple tweet from New Amsterdam Bike Show's Twitter account on June 9th, 2011:
Our friend Jasmijn was stopped in SOHO by NYPD for riding in a skirt! The officer said she could distract drivers...

What may appear as a joke has proved to be yet another ridiculous incident involving uninformed police officers stopping cyclists for fictional infractions or to chastise them with self-invented rules. The YouTube wunderkind at the moment is this guy with this film. (Sigh... we remember when that film only had 300 views... :-) ) Then a mother got hassled in London, too.

It's the story about the New Yorker getting hassled by some schmuck cop for wearing a skirt and risking 'distracting drivers' that has really gotten Cycle Chic all hot and bothered.

Firstly, the number of women pedestrians wearing skirts in New York in the summer exceeds the number of skirts on bicycles. By a million or so. Give or take. So where are the cops going after pedestrians?

photo by Bucharest Cycle Chick

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