Friday, November 18, 2011

High-tech HQ leaving suburbs for downtown

DSI bringing 150 high-salary jobs, says being in urban center will be just right for its recruiting efforts.


DSI, a global high-tech software company in Overland Park, is moving its headquarters and 150 employees to downtown Kansas City.

It’s believed to be the first significant suburban company to make the switch downtown since a multi-billion-dollar revival began a decade ago. The firm said it thought a downtown location would boost the recruiting of younger and more tech-savvy employees.
Reinforced by a $6.3 million incentive package from Missouri, DSI plans to occupy space in the 1201 Walnut office tower this March.
It’s now in the College Boulevard office corridor at 7801 W. 110th St.
“The space we’re in now doesn’t support the vision I have for the firm,” said Matt McGraw, president and CEO of DSI, which stands for Data Systems International. “When I started coming downtown I got the feel and vision for what it would be like being downtown.
“We need younger and more progressive people and we believe it will be a huge recruiting tool for us.”
DSI also will be bringing at least 125 high-paying jobs with a minimum salary of $100,000, according to documents filed with the Kansas City Council. The company is seeking property tax abatements from the city, and its request is on the agenda of today’s Council Planning and Zoning Committee.

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