Friday, February 24, 2012

Commuter Commotion: 6 Futuristic Mass Transit Concepts

City buses have never been the sexiest form of transportation, but they get you from one place to the next. The Superbus Project aims to bring luxury, on-demand, eco-friendly mass transit to the Netherlands with a bus that happens to look a lot like a stretch limo. With 16 gull wing doors, a pile of safety features and the ability to hit speeds up to 155 MPH, this is definitely not your typical bus. The best part? You can wait inside your home for this bus since it has no set route but instead makes stops after being summoned via web or SMS.
Along with the development of cars that can drive themselves has come the possibility of freeway convoys. An EU-funded project called SARTRE is based around the idea that commuters will happily give up control of their cars on the way to work in order to have a bit of free time during the commute. A lead car would be piloted by a professional driver who would be able to take control of and then release control of personal vehicles, all based on signals given by the driver. When in the convoy, the individual cars in the “train” are all controlled by the lead car, and as such their drivers can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

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