Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bicycle City: Plans for a City Where Cars are Prohibited

via New Urban Designer

photo by k'nash
The idea behind Bicycle City is that people can live, work, and play in a town where everything is accessible by just riding a bike (with parking is at the edge of the community.) Bicycle city was an idea conceived in the 90’s and was just recently started this past year after they received funding. The location for the first Bicycle city is Lexington County, SC, between mountains and a beach. The location is also only 12 miles away from the state capital so some of the necessary big city amenities will be within reach.
Bicycle city mentions that their idea of building a city without cars is not only good for the environment, but also good for people. They explain that vehical emissions are harmful for health. They also talk about how in big cities bicyclists and injured by cars and without this threat, biking to and from places will be much safer.

more about bicycle planning:

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