Monday, January 16, 2012

Sustainability: A Vital Concept for Transportation Planning and Development

by Michael Replogle

The current pattern of metropolitan transportation and land development in the majority of countries around the world appears to be increasingly unsustainable from both an economical and environmental perspective. Many factors point to the need for adoption of a new paradigm for sustainable transportation and development in both high and low income countries -- burgeoning populations, growing air pollution, limits on global petroleum reserves, limited physical and economic capacity to expand automobile-based transportation systems without community destruction, and the urgent need to limit global CO2 emissions to slow the pace of global warming. This paper outlines some of the conceptual differences between the current paradigm for transportation planning and an emerging paradigm for sustainable transportation and land development. It compares the US and European patterns of transport and land development, which often inspire transportation decision-makers and planners in developing countries. The paper reviews the patterns of development in the cities of several developing countries, identifying policies than can enhance sustainability.

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