Monday, January 16, 2012

Raising Public Awareness about Sustainable Urban Transport

Sustainable Transport:
A Sourcebook for Policy-makers in Developing Cities

by Karl Fjellstrom

There are many aspects of efforts to raise public awareness, but this module focuses on:
-Practical rather than theoretical issues.
-Low cost activities. Most developing cities will not have the resources to implement an awareness campaign on national TV or prin colour stickers for mass distribution, and in any case to do so would often be wasteful.
-High impact activities, such as Car Free Days and forming alliances, rather than for example getting into detailed discussion about how to effectively design brochures.
-Organisation, in particular in the context of a campaign implementation Working Group, and advice on how to set up and operate a Bicycle User Group (BUGs). Organisation is the key to successful sustainable transport advocacy. This is why this module devotes an entire section to the topic of BUGs, and emphasises campaign organisational issues rather than describing the myriad activities that can be undertaken.
-Activities which can reach the target audience of policy-makers, opinion leaders, and intermediaries (especially journalists).
-Activities which are relevant to developing cities. In developing cities, for example, Bicycle User Groups tend to advocate the use of bicycles for everyday travelling and commuting, rather than for recreational, environmental or cultural reasons.
-Consideration of a range of success stories in developing cities. Successful awareness campaigns have been and are being implemented in Bogotá, Surabaya, Manila, Hong Kong, Delhi and elsewhere.

Towards new New Delhi Metro, photo by IFPRI-IMAGES
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