Friday, January 20, 2012

Rent an electric bike in London

By Sean O'Neill

On 6 June, Hertz became the first major rental car company to offer e-bikes, stocking a dozen at its Marble Arch location. Hertz's e-bikes come in two slick-looking models, powered by lithium ion batteries and nearly silent motors. The A2B Hybrid 24 model expects you to pedal, increasing in speed the harder you work. The other model, the Fast4ward Edge, doesn't require you to pedal at all. Like a moped, it uses a throttle.
“If the launch is successful, then more bikes will potentially be added to London, and the scheme expanded to other cities,” said Neil Cunningham, general manager of Hertz UK and European Strategic Projects.
Rental bikes aren't new to London. The city introduced Barclays Cycle Hire in July 2010, and now the rental program has peak usage of about 24,000 users a day. Barclays has made about 5,000 traditional bicycles available at hundreds of docking stations throughout the city, which makes it a more convenient option than Hertz's mere dozen e-bikes at a single location. But e-bikes are more welcoming for travellers with varied levels of physical fitness —especially in a spread out city like London — and Hertz's program could spread the appeal of cycling to a broader set of travellers.

Illustration of bike shring system destribution at  , by the.urbanophile

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  1. I wish there was a picture of what those electric bikes are in London. Is that something similar to a Segway perhaps? I hope Hertz can sponsor or do something like that here in my hometown, that will surely give a good boost to houses for rent in Cincinnati Ohio.