Monday, January 2, 2012

Low Carbon City Development Guidance [Outline]

by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism JAPAN 

(1) Purpose of the Guidance
Greenhouse gases (GHGs), a principal cause of global warming, are emitted in large quantities in cities where
various activities are carried out intensively and where significant volumes of energy are consumed. The KyotoProtocol Target Achievement Plan requires urban governance to promote low-carbon societies. On the other hand, urban activities are diverse and complex, requiring a wide range of measures to cope with global warming. There is also a need to analyze current GHG emissions and absorptions at the urban level to predict the effects these countermeasures will have on greenhouse gases. To this end, the Guidance has been formulated to support the initiatives of local authorities, by indicating what should be considered when promoting low-carbon city development, its basic concepts, as well as the necessary measures and methods of assessing their effects. The contents of the Guidance will regularly be updated to keep up with the changing needs and stay abreast of emerging issues.
(2) Contents of the Guidance
The Guidance consists of three parts: “Part I: Concept of a Low-carbon City” sets out the rationale for creating
low-carbon cities. “Part II: Low-carbon City Development Measures” describes the methods in developing a low-carbon city in three sectors, namely transportation and urban structure, energy (private homes and private businesses), and greenery. “Part III: Analysis of the Effects of Low-carbon City Development Measures” explains the methodologies for assessing the effects of the measures.

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