Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Car Becomes a Weapon in Brazil; Pedestrians Shortchanged in Detroit

Motorist attack on Porto Alegre Critical Mass a grim reminder of the automobile’s destructive power: WalkBikeJersey comments on the shocking attack on a Critical Mass ride in Porto Alegre, Brazil. As Damien Newton at Streetsblog LA wrote yesterday, two people are in critical condition after a motorist plowed through a pack of cyclists on Friday. A total of 50 cyclists were struck. The incident was captured on video and WalkBikeJersey’s Andy B says the footage drives home the destructive force of cars: “The primary lesson that we should take from this tragedy is that there is little difference between the potential violence and carnage that can be perpetrated using an assault weapon or an automobile. This video is proof of that and it’s time that our laws acknowledge this reality.”

Tour de Fat, Los Angeles, by waltarrrrr

Tour de Fat, Los Angeles, by waltarrrrr

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